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Why is The Big Apple called The Big Apple?

There are many accounts on how and why New York City acquired such a moniker. Some link the nickname to long ago jazz musicians and some to sports heros.

But here you'll find the truth, the real reason why New York is the Big Apple.

In the early 1800's refugees of war-ravaged Europe were making their way across the Atlantic to the United States. Many found new homes in New York City, including the well to do and beautiful Mlle. Evelyn Claudine de Saint-Evremond. Daughter of a French society notable, Evelyn soon established a salon with the help of several highly placed admirers. The salon was, in fact, an elegantly furnished bordello in the middle of the city's most exclusive neighborhood.

Her salon--or bordello--soon had a lofty reputation among the New York elite. Evelyn's name was anglicized to "Eve," and the French woman, enjoying the biblical reference, began referring to her temptresses as her "irresistible apples." The young men about town thus called visiting Evelyn's salon as "having a taste of Eve's Apples."

From these humble and salacious beginnings New York soon adopted the moniker for itself. Eve's Apples, and the bites young men would take from them, were well known throughout the city and the country. In the next century, the term "apple" was used for bordellos in general, in many types of context. New York bragged for having the most brothels in the United States, and phrases such as "The Apple Tree" and "The Real Apple" were used to describe the city in public and private discourse.

By 1907 "The Big Apple" or "The Apple" had passed into common use as an epithet for the city, and in later years the term was sanitized by The Apple Marketing Board located in upstate New York in its advertising campaigns.

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